New Nicaragua Blog!!

Heya! I just started a new blog for my life in Nicaragua:

I’ll be keeping this blog mainly for company information from now on.

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Hello, friends! In just over a month, I will be moving to Nicaragua! Why? It’s a long story…

Last summer, I went on a trip to Aquin, Haiti. I was planning on moving there and helping teach the children that lived at a children’s home run by Project 127-Haiti, run by Steve Horne and Farrell Burton. Well, this year Project 127-Haiti is moving their base from Aquin, Haiti to the Dominican Republic.

From the 60’s through the late 90’s, the Haitian government rounded up Haitians and sent them to work in the sugar cane fields in the Dominican Republic. When these workers had children, the Haitian government did not recognize them or give them birth certificates, and will not let them back into Haiti. The Dominican Republic did not give them birth certificates, either. In the DR, you cannot go to school without a birth certificate. So these Haitian people are now trapped inside the DR with no way of becoming educated or changing their lives. The living conditions are worse than in Haiti, and these estimated 1 million Haitian people have gathered into around 500 slums scattered throughout the DR.

We have 5 older children (ranging from 16 to 21) in Project 127-Haiti that we will be taking to a sister base in Nicaragua to learn English, Spanish, Bible, missions training, and life skills. I will be going with them, leaving in early July, and spending roughly 6 months with them. I will be helping Farrell teach English, teaching sewing and cooking skills to all 5 kids, helping with an mountain baby clinic nearby which feeds malnourished infants, and learning Spanish and Creole. Most importantly, I will be mentoring 17 year old Fabienne, who is the only girl in the group; and working with Stanley, a 16 year old former child slave who is just beginning to come out of his shell. These are our kids:

Fabienne:Stanley:Fito:Meka:and Julmes:

After the kids, Farrell, and I have a firm grasp of the languages (likely about 6 months in), we will be heading back to the Dominican Republic to establish a ministry base and work among the Haitians there. Our goal is to help educate them, give them tools to build a better future for themselves, share the Gospel with them, and teach them about nutrition and hygiene to improve their quality of life.

I will be back in the states for a short time after the 6 months of training, and then (at this point) my plan is to join the ministry in the DR for an indefinite amount of time. We will have internet in Nicaragua, so I will be able to communicate with you all back home (YES!!!)!

For the 6 months in Nicaragua, I need to raise about $400 per month to cover food and living costs, as well as additional funds to cover airfare and medical insurance. If you would like to support me financially, you can make a check out to Project 127-Haiti, putting my name in the memo space. You can get it to me, or mail it to Project 127-Haiti, P.O. Box 321, Harrisburg, NC 28075. All contributions are tax deductible.

Please be praying for me during these next months! I know this is where God is calling me, but it will be a challenge to be away from my family for that duration of time, especially as my sister is giving birth to my first niece in August. Please also be praying for my family, as it is always harder for those who stay behind and miss you than those who go. Thank you for your love, support, and friendship! I love you guys!

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I spent the last several days redesigning my website, specifically the Collections, Ordering, Home, and Color Charts pages. Ok, that’s pretty much the whole site. 🙂

In the process, I downloaded a new photo editing program, found fabulous sites for free grunge textures and stock photos, found happy typewriter fonts, and got tons of free music from NoiseTrade.

I am seriously infatuated with NoiseTrade. Who needs iTunes? Be sure to download Molly Parden, ColorFire, and StoryBoards from them.

I spent a good chunk of today working on this graphic, and then ended up without a good home for it on the website. Intolerable waste! So it is going up here.*drumroll please*

Melissa Hartwick is proud to present! Graphic. Yes, that is her name.

And I really don’t want to think about all of the hours I spent making her. (Let’s just say that my photo editing program does not have the capability to tilt photos at a slight angle.)

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Song’s Wedding

I just got these photos in from Song’s wedding! She chose the Elena dress for her six lovely bridesmaids. Photography by Blue Kite Photo.

How cute is this pic of Mindy and Daniel?!!

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Love this wedding!

I came across these pictures today from Jessica Keener Photography. Aren’t they just lovely?

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Owls in the Studio

Bridesmaids for Renae.

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From the Studio…

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